Brilliant Thief Proves Less Than “Brilliant”

A is headed to prison after being sentenced in Jefferson County yeterday, in connection with an incident in which he robbed a business in Brilliant, via the drive-thru window, which turned out not to be such a “brilliant” idea. Josh Belon pleaded guilty on Thursday morning, to charges that accused him of using a gun when he walked up to the drive-thru window at Ruff Creek Markets in Brilliant, intent on robbing it. It almost worked… in fact, Belon did get away with some cash… but it was short lived. He was caught after investigators found his cell phone which he had dropped, and the pictures in it led them directly to him. That’s when they searched Belon’s home, and even found the clothes he was wearing during the hold up. Belon, who obviously will never get an award for being the smartest criminal, was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison.