St. Clairsville To Fire Dispatchers On Christmas Eve

St. Clairsville is switching over to the county’s 911 dispatch system. As it now stands, the City of St. Clairsville currently employs two full-time police dispatchers and eight part-timers. They all soon will lose their jobs when that switch occurs. The dispatchers were notified of the changes the day before Thanksgiving. The city now plans to terminate the dispatchers in a grinch-like move on Christmas Eve, December 24th, the last day of the pay period. St. Clairsville officials say the decision was made for budgetary reasons, because as it currently works, tax payers are paying for both the county and city dispatch services. But while the dispatchers will all lose their jobs, a new police officer will be hired at the beginning of the new year, meaning that the city will soon have two officers per shift. The transition to the county dispatch system is planned to take place December 19.