New Ordinance Governing Speech To Take Effect In Steubenville – Some Locals Outraged

A new ordinance in Steubenville means that if you want to speak at a council meeting, you will now have to register four days prior to that meeting. The ordinance will officially take place in late December, and it will mean that anyone who wants to speak before council during a regular meeting, will have to register all their questions, comments and concerns with the clerk by 4PM the previous Friday evening. This is a pretty big change, considering that until now, the public forum section of council meetings was always open for comments with no prior registration necessary. But some residents say that is just wrong… and on several fronts. First, they say they often have no idea what the agenda may be for the next meeting, so how can they submit questions about it in advance. They say if something is discussed during a meeting, they should be able to speak up about it at that same meeting, without having to wait a week to comment on it. The ordinance barely passed, by a 4 to 3 vote.