A house caught on fire yesterday morning in St. Clairsville… leaving firefighters concerned over what they discovered… especially since this is Fire Prevention Week. The blaze broke out at the home on North Sugar Street in St. Clairsville. Firefighters were able to quickly put it out, and the family living there all made it out safely, but they say it could have turned out much differently. There were no working smoke detectors in the home. Fortunately for her family, the mother woke up when she smelled smoke, and was able to wake her three children and get them out before the flames reached the second floor. Firefighters say they were lucky… It could have easily turned into a case of multiple fatalities because there were no smoke detectors in the house. They also say it is unnecessary, because the fire department has smoke detectors available that they simply give out free to residents, who just have to stop by the firehouse and ask. If they can’t install them, firefighters can arrange that too.