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Trial Of Custodian Accused Of Making Threats At School Pushed Back

A school custodian who is accused of making at terroristic threats at the middle school where he was working, appeared Monday in Brooke County court. Floyd Ference’s trial was moved back after originally being scheduled to begin this week. Ference is charged with making a threat of a terrorist act at Wellsburg Middle School in early September. Wellsburg Police said Ference made threats about shooting up the school to other workers, who then alerted the public resource officer, who then talked with school officials, who then in turn, contacted police… resulting in Ference’s arrest. Ference however, maintains his innocense. He is currently on leave from his custodial job. Now, a new date for a trial has been set for April 24th.

Dog Saved By Business’ Generosity

A Weirton restaurant has made a generous donation to help pay for the surgery of a police dog in the Hancock County K-9 division. K-9 officer Odin needed back surgery to prevent being paralyzed. But the operation was costly, and there wasn’t enough money in the sheriff’s department budget to cover it. Theo Yanni’s however, came to the rescue. On Friday, the owners of the restaurant and the sheriff got together at the restaurant’s new Weirton location, where a check was handed out to cover the cost of the surgery. This morning, Odin is said to be recuperating from his surgery and is going to be okay. He has a strong 3 to 5 years of police service ahead of him thanks to the generous donation.

Stabbing Under Investigation

In Paden [Pay-den] city, police this morning continue to investigate a stabbing that happened over the weekend. On Saturday morning, a man was flown to the hospital, and another person is in custody, following what police say appears to have been a domestic issue. Officials say a woman who is now in custody, stabbed a man who had to be life flighted to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Charges of attempted murder are expected to be filed, but the investigation is still underway, and no additional details are being released yet. The suspect at last report, was being held behind bars at the Northern Regional Jail. No names are yet being released, and there has been no update on the victim’s condition.


A Wheeling man who was facing charges in connection with an alleged child abduction back in October in Elm Grove, found out Thursday, that all the charges against him, are being dismissed… for now anyway. It began when two girls told Wheeling police that a strange man had been following them on two separate occasions. Harry Rigby was facing two counts of attempted abduction. The state prosecutor’s office however, has now dismissed the charges. They may however, again pursue charges at a later date.


An employee at Domino’s Pizza in Moundsville, fought off an attempted robbery early Thursday morning. It happened at Domino’s on Lafayette Avenue in Moundsville, where according to police, the female employee was walking to her car in an alleyway near the back door, when the man hit her on the back of the head and then sprayed her with pepper spray. She wouldn’t give up the money bags though, and she raced to her car, locked the doors and called police. The man was wearing black, a mask and gloves. Police now are pouring over video of the attack. They ask anyone who might know anything about it to contact Moundsville Police.


Flames broke out last night at a Harrison County home. It happened around 11PM at the house on Main Street in Scio… only about 1,000 ft. away from the Scio volunteer fire department. Officials believe the fire started in the kitchen, however the cause is still under investigation. One person was inside when the fire started, and was taken to the hospital. There has been no word on that person’s name or condition. Damage estimates have not yet been released. The State Fire Marshal is investigating.


A case of possible arson is under investigation now in Belmont County, following an early Sunday morning fire in the Barton area. According to the sheriff, a truck was intentionally set on fire outside a home there, and the blaze damaged the side of the house… which was occupied at the time of the fire. Investigators say they expect to file charges soon. The state fire marshal is also involved in the investigation.


One person was arrested by Belmont County deputies, after a report of shots fired in the parking lot at the Ohio Valley Plaza. 25 year old Derek Young of Arkansas, allegedly stole beer from Walmart, and was walking to the other side of the parking lot, when he for some reason… decided to fire some shots into the air. St. Clairsville Police, along with sheriff’s deputies, quickly responded and arrested Young, who they say fired about 12 rounds. He told investigators that he believed he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Young now faces charges including aggravated robbery, inducing panic and possibly others. He’s now in the Belmont County jail. Nobody was hurt.

No Injuries In Two Vehicle Crash In Belmont County

A two vehicle crash that happened last evening in Belmont County is under investigation today. Nobody was hurt in the crash that happened Tuesday evening around 7 on Barton Road. According to emergency responders, two vehicles collided, one went over an embankment near the creek, it’s axel fell off, and it ended up on its side. Fortunately, everyone traveling in that car… a family of four… got out safely, but the car was heavily damaged. The other vehicle had a single passenger in it, and they too were not hurt.

Marshall County Home Goes Up In Flames

Flames Tuesday destroyed a home in Marshall County. Firefighters rushed to a home around 6PM, but when they got there, there was little they could do. The house was fully involved. It took firefighters more than an hour just to contain the blaze at the end of Turkey Hill Lane. The house has been ruled a total loss. Nobody was home at the time. The Salvation Army is helping the family, who also reportedly had several animals. No word yet on whether or not they were saved. The cause is under investigation. The John Marshall boys’ basketball team will collect money and clothing for the family at their game on Friday.