In Marshall County, a woman is facing charges after what authorities say was an “extreme” case of animal abuse. It all began about two weeks ago, when Megan Shulte dropped two dogs off at the Marshall County Animal Shelter. Both dogs were in very poor condition. Officials at the shelter say the male dog was extremely skinny, infested with fleas, dirty, and hungry. It wasn’t long before Schulte was arrested. But she first claimed she had given the dogs away to an out-of-town worker. Then she said that she had been on vacation and a family member was supposed to be caring for the dogs. The investigation is ongoing, and Shulte has been set free… for now anyway… after posting $1,500 bond. Meanwhile, the dogs both are doing better. The male is in a foster home where he is expected to be adopted after gaining about ten pounds. The other dog is still at the shelter and has put on weight too, and now has some people interested in adopting.